‘El Aletreo da Vuelta de las Vacaciones’ / La Rentrée: Why Mindfulness Meditation is Important after Summer Break

There’s a universal sentiment that often hovers around the end of summer vacations — a mingled sense of both dread and anticipation for the return to the workplace. I love the french term “la rentrée”. It captures this sentiment eloquently when i used to live in France. Now, while in living in a more chaotic city of Barcelona, the Spanish phrase, “el ajetreo de la vuelta de las vacaciones” depicts the hustle that awaits me prefectly!

Whether you’re an “expat” navigating cultural adjustments into a new city, organisation & language, a recent graduate launching your career, or a seasoned manager with a team to lead, you’ll find the transition back to work fraught with challenges, from mounting emails, clients wanting an update, impending deadlines & trying to address the issues of family back home. So just imagine, if one staff member is feeling this, then I’m sure all staff members are feeling this massive adjustment needing to made. So the organisation is not aligned or intuned.

Amidst this whirlwind, personal well-being is easily the first casualty. Balance and mindfulness are not just wellness buzzwords but are increasingly recognised as corporate necessities. Why? Because a mindful employee is not just more grounded but also more efficient, adaptable, and a better communicator — qualities that you need to hit the ground running at work

In this climate of constant business evolution, disruption and uncertainty, its odd that an ancient practice as the solution to contemporary issues. Yet, the efficacy of mindfulness and meditation in stress management is irrefutably backed by scientific & medical evidence. Mindfulness is not just a self-help trend but a vital business tool.

Meditation isn’t just about finding your Zen; it’s about enhancing your cognitive abilities to make more efficient and effective decisions. Through regular practice, you can learn to manage your emotional responses better, leading to improved communication and leadership skills. The discipline encourages you to pause and respond rather than impulsively react to situations.

For those who are new to the concept or skeptical of its business merits, consider enrolling in a corporate mindfulness program or see if the company’s Human Resources team is offering corporate mindfulness meditation or yoga for staff. These programs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your hectic schedule, offering you the tools you need to maintain a balanced perspective, no matter what your job role is. It’s an investment not just in your personal well-being but also in your professional development.

As we navigate the complexities that accompany our return to work this season, it’s worth taking the time to invest in a skill that has both immediate and long-term benefits. Mindfulness and meditation can be your strategic allies in managing the transitions and stressors inherent in post-summer work life, helping you lead with clarity, productivity, and a sense of well-being.

As we find ourselves on the cusp of “la rentrée,” let’s remember: mindfulness is more than a personal wellness tool; it’s a professional asset.

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