Our Story:
Small is Beautiful

The origin of this MINDFUL IMPACTS kernel was planted back in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. After I did my training as a meditation & yoga teacher, and I had the opportunity to share this skill with my fellow work consultants in our environmental planning firm. The nature of the workplace was fast-paced, long hours and strict deadlines. The tired and sore bodies, the stresses and pressure of our working environment provided me an opportunity to bring meditation and yoga training into the workplace.

Ten years later, and after working in several countries with very diverse working environments, I aim to achieve a harmonious, well-run working environment that is inclusive, inspiring, and where people work for each other. I believe that the inner game of staff must be worked on first before working on the growth of the business from the viewpoint of mindful leadership.

My approach involves giving tangible tools tailored to staff through teaching, mentoring, or coaching to help them regulate challenging feelings and emotions, which can manifest in other areas of their lives if not addressed.

Meet our founder

Edward Niembro

I am a trained Urban Planner/Construction Manager that specialised in social & environmental sustainability impacts for large infrastructure & engineering projects across Asia, Africa & Europe. The anxiety levels for meeting project deadlines, managing project teams and resolving community conflict were constant.

However, I had discovered meditation by accident when travelling through India in 1997 before my corporate career developed. I have been a serious practitioner of meditation since 1998. So through trial and error of various tools and practices I learnt certain practices worked well for my temperament while other things did not. I decided to explore why this was the case by seeking the best teachers I could find in the East and West. I received training as a mindfulness teacher, under the Vipassana lineage of Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach to name a couple.

I have now worked as a mindfulness consultant in Australia, UK, France and Spain. I also helped introduce mindfulness meditation into the corporate workplace in many of these businesses and became INSEAD (France) MBA Business School’s resident mindfulness facilitator from 2016 to 2019. I have 10 years of targeted, international experience of bringing meditation & yoga into the workplace of education, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

My exposure to a number of culturally diverse workplaces and employees in a number of different countries is a benefit for many employers. Employers generally want to do well but need ‘coaching’ on how best deliver a wellbeing package for their staff that is not seen as a threat or ‘you have to do this’.

Finally, I have a sense of humour to how I teach so the sessions are fun but also well structured and easy to follow.


Feeding Informed Options for the Workplace

Having now worked within business schools and corporate environments, clearly there has been an evolution of younger professionals wanting to acquire skills to maximise their mental and physical wellbeing. However, certain cohorts within the workplace need further encouragement and gentle cajoling to be convinced. This is where my decade of experience will serve your organization well.

With the onset of COVID established within your communities, Mindful Impacts brings a lot of experience to craft a range of programs, workshops and wellness retreats for your workplace (face to face or online) to deliver tangible results and improve your bottom line.

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