What we do

We offer services from teaching mindfulness training and workshops, to coaching staff on how to integrate mindfulness into the relational & organizational aspects of the business.

We also specialise in mentoring senior management on how to embody being a mindful leader who fosters a mindful but resilient culture and that leads with empathy, resilience, and clarity.

Mindful Impacts will develop an effective corporate mindful strategy (CMS) specific to your company. The CMS will outline the suite of programs, practices, and the delivery type (ie. teaching, coaching, mentoring) most appropriate for your staff’s evolution in consultation with your leadership team.

The CMS will be the blueprint to enhance workplace well-being, employee engagement, and collaboration by fostering a culture of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Our services

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    Corporate Mindful Meditation TEACHING

    MINDFUL IMPACTS teaches a range of programs targeted for junior graduates to business management & executives. These include:

    - Introduction to Mindfulness: A foundational course that covers the basics of mindfulness, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into daily life.

    - Mindfulness for Stress Reduction: A targeted program that helps employees recognize and manage stress through mindfulness techniques.

    - Regular weekly classes (30 mins, 45 mins & 60 mins sessions) that are tailored to your corporate environment and nature of your industry.

    Classes to be delivered face-to-face and zoom.

    These mindfulness-based programs and workshops designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries.

    Mindful Leadership MENTORING

    MINDFUL IMPACTS provides guidance & support for professionals & project management teams on HOW to skillfully cultivate a sense of PRESENCE & CONNECTION in their professional life & interaction with their colleagues and wider stakeholders.

    We would explore aspects of conflict, stress reduction, self-compassion, team building, mindful facilitation & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (e.g. mindful listening) & how this could be effectively applied into their workspace or teams to help them make better decisions, improve their LEADERSHIP CAPACITY & achieve better PERFORMANCE in terms of the individual and the team.

    We develop a variety of practices & techniques for the mentee(s) to apply in their work situation e.g. running & facilitating project & management meetings, performance reviews etc. I would provide ongoing advice, support & NON-JUDGMENTAL feedback for the mentee(s) to be guided through this important junction of their project phase or career.

    WHO IS THIS FOR? This service would be most applicable for professionals or members in project teams would have (or had) some mindfulness meditation practice or inner body work. A mentoring service is considered a longer-term, ongoing commitment between parties involved. Therefore, a minimum 6-month commitment is envisaged.

    If you want to find out more on Corporate Mindful Mentoring for Professionals, please contact me on: [email protected]

    Corporate Mindful COACHING

    MINDFUL IMPACTS coaches staff through its successful foundational structured program that addresses three important aspects: the personal, relational and organisational pertaining to staff and their interaction with the organization. The program steers individuals towards greater awareness of their INNER EXPERIENCE, helping them to become more PRESENT in their work environment, and to DEEPEN their understanding of their thoughts, challenging emotions, and unconscious behaviours.

    Mindful coaching techniques are used to help individuals OVERCOME challenges, develop greater RESILIENCE, and cultivate a sense of WELL-BEING & inner peace.

    Mindful coaching will involve working on the INNER-GAME of professionals & supporting individuals in exploring and transforming their LIMITING BELIEFS and HABITUAL patterns, and developing new skills and habits that are more aligned with their values and goals. This structured coaching method will work of concentration, resilience and exploring the concepts of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as a foundation to bring about a CHANGE IN MINDSET.

    WHO IS THIS FOR? This service is for staff that are feeling ‘stuck’, lack desire or are unable to change their mindset to move forward. The coaching program intends to unlock their inner potential for them to see new possibilities, be inspired & become an integral team player.

    If you want to find out more on Corporate Mindful Coaching for Professionals, please contact me on: [email protected]

    Mindful Leadership TRAINING

    MINDFUL IMPACTS provides leadership training for CEOs, managers, business owners and professionals aspiring to lead. The training is focused on cultivating self-awareness, compassion, and mindfulness practices to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their leadership.

    Mindful leadership training will involve exploring various inner & outer resources such as meditation practices, inquiry exercises, group discussions, and reflective journaling. These resources will help leaders to identify and work through their personal biases, cultivate a sense of connection and belonging with their team, and create a more positive and productive work environment.

    WHO IS THIS FOR? This service would be aspiring leaders, leaders and managers who want to inspire their teams & who want to take the next step in their career progression.

    For further information about organising your company's work retreat, contact me on: [email protected]

    Corporate Yoga & Movement

    MINDFUL IMPACTS has experienced health practitioners trained in hatha yoga, men’s yoga, yin yoga, remedial yoga and chair yoga to help get you moving at your own pace.

    Our teachers have been accredited to the highest standards to work with people with existing injuries and ailments so this will not be your standard gym yoga!

    Classes to be delivered face-to-face and zoom.

    Corporate Mindful Strategic Visioning & Work Retreat Planner

    Sometimes organisations need a reset, reboot. A company work retreat is the best way for staff to get out of the office and to strategise their next steps.

    MINDFUL IMPACTS delivers work retreats for staff (ie for management or whole of staff) to build teamwork, vision their future, work through issues/work conflict & strategise short to long term goals for the growth of the organisation.

    These retreats are seen as a detox for organisations and a way to slow down and appreciate where the organisation has come from & for staff members to engage with others not usually within their daily work streams. The benefits of these retreats is to RECHARGE and tap into the INNER qualities of each staff member to enrich and organisation’s evolution.

    We have offered retreats in Asia & Europe and can help organisation with the strategic planning of these events, facilitate their execution & provide detailed follow-up on actions and plans for senior management.

    It is recommended these occur once a year for staff to be clear, energised and improve the wellbeing of those working in the organisation.

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