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Welcome to Mindful Impacts!

We are a leading corporate mindfulness consultancy that has been showing organisations how to integrate mindfulness into their work environment. Through our own corporate experience, Mindful Impacts will chart a path forward for your company to evolve and deliver better performance, improve your leadership capacity, and create a better workplace.

Our mission at Mindful Impacts is to empower leaders and managers with the tools and knowledge needed to create a healthy, stress-free, and focused work environment. We believe that the targeted application of mindfulness is the key to unlocking the full potential of both individuals and teams, leading to increased productivity, creativity, and overall success.


Support Mental Health

Mental ill health is now the leading cause of absenteeism. It is estimated 90% of those absent withhold the real reason why they are sick due to fear of employer’s reaction 



The American Psychological Association found that employees who felt supported by their managers were more likely to feel engaged in their work, deliver better performance & improve their retention rate?



A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that mindfulness can improve leadership capacity by 70%.

Now is the time to integrate mental health strategies into the workplace.

What people say?

Mindfulness sessions at INSEAD with Ed Niembro are like unlimited connections sparkled with mobile, unsuspected and treasured anchors along our paths. Essential, unseen, and perceptible ties are forged between the universe (our primary origin), the myriad of possible sources of life (all included), and our own entity (mind, body and soul). Ed inspires our breathing journeys. He is a guiding hand and voice. He discreetly accompanies us through the meanderings of ourselves and makes us discover ourselves at our own pace. Ed builds his sessions as powerful, endlessly revisited journeys in order to strengthen us and our permanent relations to each other. A humble thank you
Joëlle Fabert - HR Manager
We at CEDEP (Executive Education Centre) very much enjoy Ed's yoga & meditation classes, because they are challenging and yet he is very serious about the need for relaxation and meditation too. He teaches with a natural and friendly style and is very attentive in making sure our clients do not hurt themselves. Every class is varied and never boring. The beneficial effects of Ed's classes carry over beyond the room of class into our everyday lives too!
Helen Chauveau - Executive Education Centre Coordinator
Ed ran 2 workshops for our USA girl scouts troop earlier in the year, tailoring them to the ages of the girls and the types of requirements they might have. For the lycée age girls, he concentrated on techniques for calming the mind and stress relief and provided different practical solutions for managing stress. The girls and their parents really appreciated these workshops and I cannot recommend Ed highly enough.
Jenny Moore - Team Leader
Scouts Guides De France
Ed is an incredible yoga and meditation coach. He has this ability of adapting his session to the group in question and understanding the needs of his clients. His calming and reassuring approach is authentic and he always has time for individuals who need more advice or instruction. I highly recommend Ed and miss him greatly!
Debby Montelly - Communications Manager
City Taps

Virtual Wellbeing videos

This is a service of watching wellbeing sessions in your own time. There is a package of 8 sessions of mindfulness practices that will help provide staff and students a solid foundation to the concepts of learning to be aware and mindful.

What does it mean to be ‘equanimous’ and to ‘surrender’.

Why is intention setting and posture so important to begin quieting the mind and body?

Can we really bring compassion to our work colleagues and bosses?

The answer is yes and we show you how!

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Mindful Impacts brings a lot of experience to craft a range of programs, workshops and wellness retreats for your workplace (face to face or online) to deliver tangible results and improve your bottom line. 

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